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even i haven't known the female actress before i first saw the drama, and now i can hardly wait to watch the whole again.

wow, how good she and he was, i think the actors and actress starred on the drama performed and showed their greatness which i believe made me be a real fan to Gooshim, Min-ah.

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Min ah is terrific as well and I was surprised this was her first lead role.Brilliantly directed and shot with superb music (Again by wheesung and Face on fire are real standouts) ,this is one worthy competitor to Coffee Prince, my gold standard to kdrama romcoms. tho i just felt that the love triangle must have been maximize but the story focuses on the lead actor finding truth about him but still manages to give sweet thrills.. lots of fun and heartfelt sincerity of true love... While there is the love story, there is also another underlying mystery that takes over to really fill in the narrative.This PD /writer team seems to gel togerher as they have done some really good dramas. This drama enchanted me, I've lost count of the times I've seen it. Its excellent actors, especially Minah and Namgun Min who made a very nice couple. This secondary story really allows Namgoong Min to shine.Do what you do I got it, you know it, I’m on it Is there nothing you can’t buy with money Ka-CHING Ka-CHING-CHING Ka-CHING Ka-CHING Ka-CHING-CHING Haste makes waste, time is money At the most exciting moment Entertain you baby Life is way too short Don’t waste your time and Stop the music Ka-CHING Ka-CHING Ka-CHING Ka-CHING Ka-CHING Ka-CHING Ka-CHING Ka-CHING Ka-CHING Ka-CHING Ka-CHING Ka-CHING Ka-CHING Ka-CHING We’re on a payroll Not enough, not enough shout out your desires Let’s enjoy ourselves as much as we can Ka-CHING Ka-CHING Ka-CHING Ka-CHING Ka-CHING Ka-CHING We’re on a payroll As long as you have money money Eenie meenie miney moe But I don’t need meaningless things, gotta go Boom boom it’s beating Let’s go party, let’s go baby There is no time but now What you paying for? The price to obtain your dream What you waiting for? Hoy 15 de abril la agencia a la que pertenecía el cantante HOM Company reveló: "En la madrugada del sábado, Tany estaba en un automóvil en su camino desde Jangdong-myeon en Jangheung-gun de la provincia de Jeolla del Sur a Mokpo.the gongshim Minah in the show played was kind of character who strongly makes all viewers feel empathy for her. but i can't do anything else because i have already fallen into love her...hahah....i will join her fan claub, and already started considering what i shall do as a real fan...it funny? @Sheng Thank you, Sheng, for taking the time to exchange thoughts on this drama.I am sorry that I don't view this as others might but I don't believe that I should be criticized for what I see as nonsensical romance shoehorned into a drama for no other reason than to appease the lovestruck adolescent. @Mike -- actually, I find it a little immature for Gong Shim to act that way too, but what really bothers me is her wig that makes her look like an Elementary student.Let's just put it this way -- the story was good, the actors were great, but the concept was a little awkward.For those whose frustrasting with the ending, actually the ending was perfect but you can feel like there is a certain hole cause you cant see more about jun pyo after job and marriage.For the job, of course he is the upper man in his company ( maybe CEO) bcause Jun Su's dad have been promoted to Chairman of the company.


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