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With new cast members Bryan Greenberg (Bessie, How to Make it in America) and Rebecca Rittenhouse, (Blood & Oil) Mindy and her support group (her co-workers) continue to fuel the heart of this show.Whether it’s the awkwardness or embarrassing moments, Morgan’s plentiful misunderstandings or Mindy’s unabashed trueness to be who she is—no matter how foolish she may seem—it will have you laughing on the floor.- Joseph Baxter It’s hard to believe that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia in its eleventh season could end up being as sharp and adventurous as the series’ formative years.I was particularly reluctant and concerned about some of the more outlandish episode titles from the season (“Charlie Catches a Leprechaun,” “The Gang Goes to Hell”), but I found it to be pretty flawless (although “Being Frank” was a total misfire to me, as much as I try to enjoy it).In its second season, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was the best thing a comedy can possibly be: very, very funny.The 30-minute format on television is considered by default a comedy by the award shows but seems to be trending towards serialized dreamed territory with shows like Search Party and Transparent.

Throughout all the talent interviews we’ve done in the television world over the last year, one common thread is that, whether it’s press-speak or not, networks are loosening their grips on the creative process. It’s dark comedy, it’s thriller-mystery comedy, alt-comedy, web series, broadcast sitcoms (yes those still made the list! TV’s investment in the diversity of thought and talent in the comedy world has been years in the making, but it’s really starting to flourish across the entire medium. When it came time for the Den of Geek writers to crown the top comedies of 2016, we increased the size of our electorate (10 writers, up two from the previous year) and it resulted in 36 different shows receiving votes. The top three comedies of 2015 as voted by From a drunken confession at her ex-boyfriend’s wedding to a romantic comedy expert Ob/Gyn, Mindy Lahiri is the perfect combination of comedy, charm, and a bit of ridiculousness (ok, a lot actually.) Mindy’s ability to always be herself adds a realness to an over-the-top, but hilarious, character.

Fortunately, Blunt Talk has evolved effectively in this year’s sophomore outing.

While the whimsies of Stewart’s Walter Blunt remain the running gag, the supporting cast have stepped further into the limelight, building on the show’s delightfully demented dynamic.

They are both strong women with strong personalities who aren’t afraid to speak up and be a little weird.

Starz’s Blunt Talk began its existence last year primarily showcasing a surreal gimmick with the reverential Patrick Stewart playing a narcissistic, emotionally unstable, capricious, iniquitous television journalist Walter Blunt.


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