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This is the file I reached the most progress with initially, and also the first one that hinted at the possibility of something worth delving into was found.When the file name is converted into an OGG file, this file becomes a sound bite with a high pitched screeching noise.The final chr file when opened is simply a long string of alpha-numeric text.Putting it into any hash type detection tools finds that it is Base64 (thanks u/warchamp7) which when converted turns into this long poem.I did as much as I could in paint then copy/pasted the pixel array into photoshop for an easier time.Inverting the image, flipping it 180 degrees, then offsetting it to center the image (thanks u/warchamp7! When you map this onto a 3D sphere as a texture, it looks more coherent and definitely resembles a face.

If you find anything else in the game that is worth sharing, please do! I know those are obsolete recorders, (except the Xbox Recorder one) but some people can troll the game with those, right? Regardless, this is a clever usage of Ren' Py's feature.Unlike however, this doesn't seem to be encoded.One thing to note, this image cannot be opened in my copy of Photoshop.Here are the images of the spectograph, first one being the raw data and the second one being cleaned up for it's intended purpose.Raw version Cleaned up version For anyone who doesn't know, this is a standard QR code, used to link to websites via images and phone apps.When Dan Salvato launched a Visual Novel as his grand 2 year project, many people were confused.A developer mainly known for his Smash modding knowledge and effort into Franker Face Z launching a VN of all things to kick-start his new studio was unexpected to say the least.Converting the binary to alphanumeric text brought up a familiar pattern of characters which ended up being Base64. This note has no confirmed author, and can hint either towards getting the 100% ending of the game or an easter egg for a future Team Salvato project (more about this at the bottom).When opening this file in a text editor, it's easy to see that it was originally a PNG file (it starts with a PNG header, much like monika.chr).EDIT: BEFORE YOU SPECULATE ON ANY INFORMATION IN THIS THREAD OR POST YOUR OWN FINDINGS, READ THE VITAL INFORMATION AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS THREAD.THE DEVELOPER OF THIS GAME HAS MADE STATEMENTS REGARDING THE FILES AND FUTURE PROJECTS AND IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT THIS INFORMATION IS KNOWN BEFORE JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS.


  1. Katherine Litwack born June 13, 1986, known professionally as Kat Dennings. Max George Black Main role; 137 episodes 2012 Robot Chicken Various.

  2. The underwear model is the sister of Scottish swimmer Michael Jamieson, who's good pals with Max

  3. They said in all of their interviews that they didn't meet until they started filming. Max is dating Ali Castro, and we should be happy for them both.

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