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To be in one for two days under such circumstances was nearly unbearable for me, not to mention how scary and emotional those days were for the entirety of our family.

But here’s the good part: by the grace of all of his many angels, and every God one cares to pray to, MAJOR IS FINE. Though he had the fracture, some skull displacement, and bleeding, the skull did not touch his brain and the bleeding was localized. It was so sudden, and so scary, and the idea of sharing it almost felt like it would make it all that much more real– all of the risks and the dangers.

Such behaviour from dogs towards humans is not a common behavioural trait and is often a defence behaviour or fear aggression being confused as dominance.

In an interview with Vulture, the 84-year-old music producer talked about a variety of topics, from Michael Jackson to the Kennedy assassination to Ivanka Trump. His first impression of The Beatles:"That they were the worst musicians in the world. Paul (Mc Cartney) was the worst bass player I ever heard. Don’t even talk about it." His thoughts about President Trump:"I used to hang out with him. Tommy Hilfiger, who was working with my daughter Kidada, said, 'Ivanka wants to have dinner with you.' I said, 'No problem. " Something he wish he didn't "know":"Who killed Kennedy," Jones says. It's so crazy (in a good way) I thought it was a spoof.

Predatory drive is the behaviour existent in all dogs that makes them want to chase things.

Recognising and managing predatory behaviours is an important part of transitioning a greyhound from a kennel and racing life to retirement as a family pet in the community.

Further MRI’s showed no brain damage and we were discharged by experts in pediatrics and neurology with as excellent of a prognosis as we could have ever hoped for. He had no other broken bones, and no spinal effects whatsoever. I wanted to make sure that he was definitely OK before I shared what had happened, so that I could have some good news to celebrate.

He has been healing well, hitting milestones, cooing, smiling, and generally showing us that he is and will be ok as he grows and develops. I don’t know if this reaction will make sense to a lot of people, it hardly makes sense to me, but that’s what I was (or wasn’t) capable of at the time.


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