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This season ended on July 11, 2010 due to low ratings and was replaced with Running Man.This show is filmed over two days and one night, airing over two episodes." The five disagreed and they said to Kyuhyun that "Sooyoung is so skinny." Tiffany then comes out to say what her weight is which she said, "I weigh the most at 48 kg (~ 106 lbs)." Tiffany then goes on by saying while laughing that Sunny teases her by calling "This pig" which everyone erupted laughing.Tiffany continues on by saying that "Harry Potter" actor, Daniel Radcliffe has a great "impression of her." Tiffany stated, "One time, Daniel Radcliffe was asked to choose the prettiest Girls' Generation member and I proved to have left a good impression as he said I was the prettiest among the members." Next Topic The next topic that was explained was regarding "skinship and ideal types." When the topic was announced, each of the ladies laughed.The "Family Leader" also begins to make every decision deciding the Family's fate.The Family arrives at their house(s) and begins that days agenda.There is no official main host, Kim Won-hee acts as a moderator during games. The Family Leader will need to go through a challenge and if he/she succeeds, he/she will have the better dinner available.

" As for the other two, Yuri as well Jessica stated that they did not have no guy in the group who really matched their ideal man type.Episodes vary and do not always follow the same format.The "Family Leader", who makes all decisions for the Family for that episode, is chosen through a vote. Candid interviews of the members air throughout the episode, discussing their feelings of something that just aired.It was first aired on February 21, 2010, following the end of the first season.In early episodes, a "Family Leader" This season differs from its predecessor with more focus on reality and the family aspect, and less on chores and games.Not even Siwon came close to this two as being their type.Second Discussion Topic After this, the next topic that came up was weight amongst the members. The answer that the five on the show stated was "We're all similar." Though Kyuhyun then asked, "Wouldn't it be Sooyoung because of her height?Easier tasks are given to those who come out earliest and ascend to harder tasks for those who come out last.The Family is then waken up by loud techno music and flashing lights.First topic The first topic to start the show was to explain which member from all of the Super Junior members did they like as well consider their ideal type.Kim Gu Ra who is the host, brought this topic out first.


  1. Posts about YoonA written by. a lot of people have been asking me if I’m really dating her. And during the balloon-bursting match between Kim HeeChul and.

  2. Jan 1, 2018. Yoona seung gi dating allkpop. Published. ENGSUB SNSD YOONA Reaction When Heechul Mention "Lee Seung Gi". Info. Shopping.

  3. SNSD's Yoona and Sooyoung with SuJu's Heechul and Siwon. SNSD Yoona definitely looks the most professional there / Sunny, Yuri, SeoHyun, Tiffany.

  4. Lee Dong-hae is South Korean Actor, songwriter and singer. He is part of Super Junior music group and he is also a part of Super Junior D&E. He is among the top four.

  5. Rumors previously circulated before about this, which were denied, but now it has been confirmed that Lee Seung Gi and YoonA are no longer a couple.&n.

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